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For many years I was a happy user of Opera, back in the days where it really made a difference. I bought my license and was happy, fastest browser by far.

Then Opera development was stopped and I had to switch to another browser. I picked Firefox as I like the open source idea. It was OK but and did the job for many years but I was never felling really happy with the fox. Then Chrome and Safari joined the browsers market, but Chrome didn't made me happy and the bookmarks bar in Safari really sucks (why are there no favicons? Apple do you hear us?).

Then Opera started its own browser again and Vivaldi joined the club. I had a look at both at the time but wasn't really convinced. Firefox in the meantime got, despite all optimizations, somehow slower with more complex websites, smooth scrolling while loading images still doesn't really work (for what do I have 8 processor kernels, it can't be that hard). And why can't pinch zoom be smoothly supported, it's now 8 years old. And then all the permanent updates with all the plugin checks.

Finally the cry for donations on the standard home page drove me away for good. I had a look at all the browsers again and voila Opera had evolved and had enough "standard" features and important plugins. I use it now for 2 weeks and I fell finally back home. Still not perfect but far better than Firefox.

Bye bye fox and good luck for your future.

[Update] A few moth later I moved from Opera to Vivaldi. Nice! That's the real good old Opera feeling.