Frequently Asked Questions

There hasn't been much updates on this site because we're working hard on the next generation of the Magic Utilities.

Our goal for release was Christmas 2017. It will be a bit later so Santa has some time to recover. Expect a Magic Christmas in March or April 2018.

Will the next version be a free upgrade?

No, the next version of the Magic Utilities will be a paid upgrade. A current license won't work with the new version, but existing customers will get a discount when upgrading.

The new version will have a new trial period, so everybody can try it, even with the old version or BootCamp installed!

Please do NOT ask:

  • for any price or other numbers, we don't have them yet.
  • for what will be new. The wait (and upgrade) will be worth it.
  • for an extended trial version so you can wait until the new version has been released. If you need your device working now, buy a license now.

What touch features are supported?

For a list of all touch features please click here.

More multi-touch support will come with the next upgrade.

Where can I adjust the scroll speed?

The scroll speed is a global Windows setting. I can't be set per device. That's why we don't offer a scroll speed adjustment for now.

In order to adjust the scroll speed please use the standard Windows Mouse Settings. For your convenience there is Speed button in the user interface opening the Windows settings dialog.

Help, I can't uninstall the application!

You need to exit the application before uninstalling it.
Click here for more help.

What Bluetooth radios are supported?

In general it should work with Broadcom chipsets as Apples uses them with their products. 

Here more help for Bluetooth issues.

Why shall I use a private email address?

If you buy a license or contacting us it's really easier for both sides to use a private email address like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, @me ...

Company mail servers and firewalls have very strict filtering systems for SPAM and Malware. They block any suspicious email without notifying the sender. That's why we send two emails, one notification email and one which contains the license.

But it still happens often that someone buys a license from a company email account but never gets any of our emails. They start complaining, we answer but they don't get our answer... This all takes time (and work) and can be frustrating for both sides.

end faq