There hasn't been much updates on this site because we're working hard on the next generation of the Magic Utilities.

We currently do beta testing of version 3 and have a stable beta release with all features. If you have a license contact us and we'll send you the beta details.

Control Panel 2.60

Version 2.60 is a free compatibility update. If you are happy with any previous version, there is no need to update.

  • Added Scroll speed button which opens the system mouse wheel settings.

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Control Panel 2.51

Version 2.51 is a free update for all registered users. 

This is a compability update.

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Control Panel 2.5

Magic Trackpad 2 Control Panel version 2.5 is a free update for all registered users. 
Please contact us in case you have issues with this release.

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Control Panel 2.3

Magic Trackpad 2 Control Panel version 2.3 fixes an issue with button botton clicks.

In addition starting from version 2.3, all Magic Trackpad 2 Control Panel executables are digitally code signed for easier installation.

Control Panel 2.2

The new version of the Magic Trackpad 2 Control Panel supports WIndows 7 without nasty boot tricks. It also fixes Natural scrolling with Bluetooth.

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Control Panel 2.1

The new 2.1 release fixes Natural scrolling for both USB and Bluetooth connections.

Note: If you are only connected via USB and then switch to Bluetooth for the first time (and via versa), Natual scrolling settings have to be reapplied.

Once both connection have been used, the Natural scrolling settings should always work for both connection types.

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Control Panel 2.0

We are excited to announce the Magic Trackpad 2 Control Panel.

The new Control Panel for the Magic Trackpad 2, Version 2.0 works under Windows 10+8+7 64 bit only.

For Windows 10+8 it should work straight forward, Windows 7 users will have to do additional manual steps, please follow the instructions.

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