Version 2.16

Version 2.16 is a minor free compatibility update.

  • Better HIDPI support for high resolution / retina screens.

  • If fully licensed, mouse support is faster available on startup.

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Version 2.15

Version 2.15 is a minor free update for all registered users.

  • Fixed "Load at startup". Disabling had no effect.
  • Unicode support for License info to support non Roman/Latin languages.

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Version 2.14

We released version 2.14 of the Magic Mouse Utilities, a FREE update for all registered users.

New features are a Battery Indicator and Natural Scrolling.

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Version 2.05

Version 2.05 fixes the error messages Device cannot be opened and Device cannot be identified error messages which occured on some computers. If you still see these errors please contact us.

Digitally code signed

Starting from version 2.02, all Magic Mouse installer, service and utilities executables are digitally code signed for easier installation.

It helps to convince most virus scanners that out software is not harmful.

Magic Mouse 2 Discharger

Doing battery readouts with a fully charged Magic Mouse 2 gives always the same values. I needed a discharged Magic Mouse 2. Using it during the week made just 1% discharge!

I needed a tool which moves the mouse continually, so I asked two 8 year old boys if they could develop a mouse mover with their Lego.

Amazingly clever these boys! They call it The Magic Mouse Discharger.

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Battery status

Great news: We managed to read the battery state for all Magic Mice 1+2 (and for both Magic Trackpads!).

We'll update the Magic Mouse Utilities in the next release with this new feature.


Fixed download issues

Quite a few people complained the the embedded download of the installer didn't work for them. We updated the setup program with a new downloader and hope this fixes the issue. 

Both versions (2.0 and 2.01) install the same software but use different download methods. In case you have trouble downloading please try both versions before contacting us.

The Magic Mouse Utilities itself have not been updated.

Free license for donators

We reget to inform the Magic Mouse Utilities is no longer freeware. But we do offer a free license to all our supporters who have donated any amount before January 8th 2016.

To obtain a donator license please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and attach your PayPal receipt/invoice of your donation. 

Please be patient it can take a week or two until you receive your donators license.

Magic Mouse 2 ready

We released the new Magic Mouse Utilities which also supports the Magic Mouse 2.

The new Magic Mouse 2 does work under Windows 8 + 10, 64bit only. The original Magic Mouse (the one with the 2xAA batteries) will still continue to work on all Windows versions.

If you plan to use the Magic Mouse 2 under Windows 7 or any Windows 32bit, don't do it.

The new website for the Magic Mouse Utilities is still under development. We'll add a Help and FAQ section soon.