Frequently asked questions

Are the extra F keys supported?

All the extra F keys: F1 - F4, F7 - F12 media and volume and eject at the top of the keyboard are currently not supported in this initial release.

Why are some keys are swapped?

Users from Norway and Germany have reported that some keys like < and ^ are swapped. We are trying to support international keyboard layouts. In the meantime these users might try the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to create the correct key mappings.

"Magic Keyboard", "Wireless Keyboard", why are there different names?

Apple Wireless Keyboard

The offical name of Apples first wireless keyboard back in 2003 was Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1016). The updated models 2007 (A1255), 2009 (A1314) and 2011 (A1314) still got this name.

MagicKeyboard Home In 2015 Apple redesigned the keyboard and named it Magic Keyboard (A1644), which makes a lot of sense as there is the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad.

Will there be a battery indicator for the Apple Wireless Keyboard?

At this point in time, No. Unfortunately Apple made a mistake in the HID (Human Interface Device) descriptor. As Windows has exclusive control over the keyboard we can't work around this mistake.

Will there be a Windows 7 or any 32bit version for the Magic Keyboard?

Not at this point in time. Apple decided to skip Windows 7 and any 32bit support with BootCamp 5.1 in 2014. Nothing we can do at the moment.

Why shall I use a private email address?

If you buy a license or contacting us it's really easier for both sides to use a private email address like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, @me ...

Company mail servers and firewalls have very strict filtering systems for SPAM and Malware. They block any suspicious email without notifying the sender. That's why we send two emails, one notification email and one which contains the license.

But it still happens often that someone buys a license from a company email account but never gets any of our emails. They start complaining, we answer but they don't get our answer... This all takes time (and work) and can be frustrating for both sides.

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