Downloads work only for the original Magic Mouse.
The new Magic Mouse 2 is not supported yet.

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Downloads for Windows® 10 + 8 + 7 + Vista™ + XP

download Mouse-Driver-Installer-11.exe Version 1.1, 3 Mar 2015
FREE: Downloads BootCamp 3.3, extracts and installs Magic Mouse driver
Runs on any PC without BootCamp installed!
download Mouse-Utilities-Setup-11.exe Version 1.1, 25 Aug 2012
FREE: Installs the Magic Mouse Utilities

Installation and system requirements

  • Apple's Magic Mouse Driver provides touch scrolling support. As the driver is part of BootCamp it doesn't install straight away on non Mac hardware. Please use our free Mouse Driver Installer from above.

  • Magic Mouse Utilities provide a battery gauge and natural scrolling.

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